As you know, the Inner Circle Reward membership comes with special perks here at Tide Cleaners - like this month's savings of 35% on gown dry cleaning! So, if you're getting ready for a festive holiday party, glam New Year's Eve event or an upcoming black-tie gala, be sure to get party-ready with this limited-time offer.

Gorgeous gowns are an investment and we want to safeguard your special dress for years to come.

Proper care after use and before storing is critical to keeping your gown fresh for the next festivity. This is how Tide Cleaners AZ can help you!

Be good to yourself, and to your gowns

Do-it-yourself dress cleaning - particularly white or light-colored gowns, stained gowns or delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, wool, fur and linen - can have disastrous results. We at Tide Cleaners pride ourselves on providing rock-star service and are experts in stain-erasing and drying cleaning for the preservation and longevity of your precious keepsakes.

Even with all our expertise and products, gowns that are already yellowing, faded or even have disintegrating material from lack of cleaning and improper storage are difficult to repair after the fact.

So, for your own peace of mind, and for the best results, be good to yourself. Try your best to come in immediately after your big event (for stains, the sooner the better!) to drop off your gown for mending and/or cleaning.

Pulled your gown out from storage and want to get it looking like new? We can help you with that too! Swing by with your best dress and we will work our magic.

Cleaning that's good for the earth-´┐Żand your fabrics

When you make the decision to trust Tide Cleaners AZ with your most precious gowns, you will not only be rewarded this month with a 35% savings, your gown will receive the royal treatment. We use a GreenEarth ® Cleaning process that cleans, protects and preserves your fabrics for a lifetime from things like mold, mildew and oxidation (that's the yellowing that can occur to white dresses over time).

Party's over? We'll even return your gown to you in a sealed chest for long-term protection against humidity and the elements, and for the ultimate garment safety.

Come see us with your most glamorous gown today and get red-carpet ready!

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