How To Pack Without WrinklesFor even the most seasoned traveler, packing for a trip can be a chore. Arriving with wrinkled clothing is even more difficult. At Tide Cleaners we'll make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and ready before your leave. And, these tips from our pros may even help you arrive wrinkle-free.


  • Pack each item you plan to hang in a thin garment bag to remove friction that causes wrinkles.
  • Use zipping plastic baggies of various sizes to isolate items that may soil clothes.
  • Roll clothes that will be stored in drawers, like jeans, socks, and T-shirts, to save space.
  • Button all buttons and fold sweaters, lightweight jackets, and dress shirts into squares.
  • Use mesh laundry bags for lingerie.
  • Leave heavy items that can cause wrinkles at home. Most hotels provide hair dryers, irons, etc. If you have to bring them, put them in your carry-on.


  • Lay out all your clean clothes on your bed and put your suitcase flat on the floor.
  • First, put your folded clothes in piles down the center of the bag.
  • Then place your toiletry bag at what will be the bottom of your bag (when it is standing).
  • Pack your rolled clothes into the spaces around your stacked, folded clothes.
  • Place each shoe in its own plastic bag and position them in the remaining openings.
  • Fill in all other gaps with your lingerie bags and socks.
  • Pack clothes that will be hung in a closet on top of everything else.

You and your clothes are now ready to go. When you get home, we’ll be ready to clean your clothes so they are ready for your next adventure.