Often winter holidays include visits to relatives or much anticipated vacations. Wherever you go, you don't want your clothing to arrive too wrinkled to wear.   Our cleaning professionals put together some packing tips that will help your clothes arrive ready to wear.

Preparing to Pack Without Wrinkles:
  • Wrap dresses, skirts, pants, and other clothing that will be hung up after you arrive in plastic. Use dry cleaning bags and put each item in its own bag.
  • Roll clothes that will be stored in drawers.
  • Button sweaters, lightweight jackets, and dress shirts. Then fold them along the seams. Use cardboard to keep them stable as you fold. Remove the cardboard before packing.
  • Store socks and slippers inside extra shoes.
  • Pack heavy objects like hair dryers, cameras, computers, and other items separately. Otherwise, they can shift during travel, bunch clothing, and cause wrinkles.
  • Seal perfumes, toothpaste, make-up, and other items that could cause stains in plastic bags.
  • Place shoes in protective bags or in a shower cap.
The Art of Wrinkle-free Packing:
  • First, pick the right size bag. If your bag is too small, clothing will be compressed and wrinkle. If your bag is too big, clothing will bunch at the bottom and wrinkle.
  • Lay your suitcase on a flat surface. Place your folded clothes neatly in the center.
  • Place a row rolled clothing around the folded clothes for protection.
  • Pack shoes in the open spaces around the edges of the bag.
  • Fill in the gaps with lingerie, small items, and the remaining rolled clothes.
  • Put toiletries in the area that will be the bottom of your suitcase when standing up. Or, pack them in a separate carry-on or in an outside compartment.
  • Finally, place the clothes you plan to hang in the closet on top of everything else.
Dealing with Wrinkles On The Road:
  • As soon as you check in, turn the shower on the hottest setting to create steam. Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom for about 20 minutes. Most wrinkles will steam out.
  • Keep soiled clothes separate by storing them in the laundry bag provided in most hotels, or in a plastic bag you carry along.

The DELIA'S Cleaners family wishes you safe travels and enjoyable trips. We'll be ready to clean all your vacation clothing when you return