Catching a flight for an overnight meeting is as common for many as the daily commute to the office. But how do you travel and keep your suit clean and wrinkle free? Worry no more, just follow these simple directions!

The traditional method of packing for a wrinkle-free suit is folded right side out:

  1. Lay your buttoned-up suit jacket face down on a flat surface.
  2. Take one shoulder and fold it over to where the shoulder naturally meets the neckline. Smooth out any creases and arrange the sleeve so that the entire side lies flat, following the edge of the jacket.
  3. Repeat with the other shoulder and sleeve.
  4. Take your pants or skirt, fold it in half, and then fold it in half again until it is about the same length as the jacket. For pants, be sure to keep the crease intact when folding.
  5. Place the pants or skirt at the top of the jacket and then fold the bottom of the jacket up to cover them.
  6. Take a large sealable storage bag and place the folded suit inside. Seal it, leaving some air inside.

Using a sealable plastic storage bag keeps your suit clean and protected from any spills or leaks that may occur in your suitcase during travel. Leaving some air inside provides a cushion for the suit that will keep it from being crushed and creased.

When you get back, bring your suits  and shirts to any of DELIA'S Cleaners 18 locations where our professionals will welcome you home and clean and press your clothes  so they are ready to help you make a good impression at your next meeting.