Care labels matterCare labels are put on garments to aid dry cleaners in determining the best method for cleaning your clothes. They provide information on what processes to use, whether heat can cause damage, and whether dry cleaning or washing is the best approach. While manufacturers are required to include a care label on every garment  in the United States, they are   mandated only to provide one safe method of care. This is not necessarily the best method.

Care labels can be uncomfortable and scratchy so many people cut them out. Labels  printed directly on the fabric may fade with multiple cleanings. Therefore, it is not uncommon, for DELIA'S Cleaners to receive clothing that has no care labels. No worries! At DELIA'S Cleaners we take great care to ensure that we clean your clothes without harm.

Guiding the Care of Your Clothes

Our highly trained professionals recognize most types of fabrics or blends, and generally know which processes are best for your clothes, even without care labels. There are six factors they consider:

  1. Different fibers used in the composition of the fabric
  2. How the garment is made
  3. The type of soil present, e.g., grease, dirt, food stains, etc.
  4. What dyes were used on the fabric
  5. Whether the fabric is colorfastness
  6. The trim, lining, and/or findings on the garment

Our expert cleaning teams watch for any signs of stress or potential damage to garments. We know that you trust your clothes to our care and professional judgment, and we work hard to keep that trust.