At DELIA'S Cleaners, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for all your cleaning needs. Our centralized facilities are the foundation that help us deliver on this promise. Here are a few ways these plants deliver special benefits to you every day.

Central Plant Benefits
  1. Our plants were specifically designed to optimize workflow and efficiency, and have enough space so we can adapt, change, and grow to meet the growing demand for our services.
  2. With a single plant, we can clean, inspect, and maintain all our equipment daily to ensure it is in perfect working condition.
  3. By centrally locating our equipment we avoid duplication. This allows us to continually invest in state of the art machines.
  4. A central location provides an environment that fosters teamwork. We hire only the best clothing care experts. By working together, they can learn from each other and brainstorm new ideas to meet the dynamic needs of our business. It also facilitates ongoing training and education.
  5. Our facilities are co-located with our company's headquarters. This allows our facility managers, marketing, logistics, transportation, and other departments instant access to the plant, its teams, and clothing.

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