Have you ever bought an outfit only to find that when you put it on, it did not look  at all like it did in the store? It may not be the outfit, but the fit. It does not matter how much your clothes cost, if the fit is wrong, they won't look or feel good.

Properly fitting clothes should feel comfortable. They should drape your body without stretching or billowing and accentuate your frame. Here are a few tips to ensure your clothes fit well.

Proper Fit
  • Shirts  
    • The shoulder seams should lay across the top of the center of the shoulder.
    • The shirt should not billow when tucked in.
    • It should never pull or stretch around the chest or buttons.
    • Two fingers should fit between the collar and your neck.
    • Cuffs should end at the dimple in the wrist.
  • Jackets
    • The jacket should fit comfortably in the shoulders and chest.
    • Cuffs should extend  � inch below the jacket sleeve when arms are down.
    • Jacket buttons should rest at your stomach.
    • The back of the jacket should extend to the top of the thigh.
  • Pants
    • Pants should be comfortable around the waist and be tight enough to stay up without a belt.
    • In terms of length, the front of the legs should have a small break where they meet the shoes.
    • The rear of the legs should reach the top of the sole of the shoe.

The next time you put on a suit, check it against these tips. If your fit is not quite right, bring them to DELIA'S Cleaners for minor alterations. Alterations are completed in two days and include professional dry cleaning and finishing. Check with your local DELIA'S Cleaners for a complete list of our alteration services. Remember, when you clothes fit well, you'll feel your best!