This is a question we hear often! Linen is one of most everyone's most-loved staples, especially here in Arizona. Unfortunately, with linen, wrinkles are a fact of life. Here are a few tips we like to share that can help lessen the wrinkles in your favorite clothes in between cleanings.

Wrinkle-free Linen1. Fit Properly

Preventing wrinkles starts with finding linen clothes that fit well. If there is excess fabric around your feet, at the waist, around the wrists or shoulders, the garment is not fitting quite right. These soft -�draping-� areas will be the first to wrinkle!

2. Adjust Before Sitting

Think before you sit. Adjust your pants by gently pinching the fabric at your thigh and pulling up, before you sit down. This prevents wrinkles at the knee. Smooth the fabric of your skirt so you don't press in wrinkles by sitting on them. Do the same with you blouse. If you have a jacket, take it off if possible and place it on a hanger. You can also fold it and drape it over a chair, as long as no one sits on it.

3. Avoid Heat

This is the hardest thing to do in our climate. When linen clothing presses against body heat and moisture, the result is wrinkles.

4. Get Steamed

Wrinkles in linen are inevitable. If you have only minor wrinkling you may be able to steam them out. If you don't own a steamer, hang your linen clothing in the shower (steering clear of direct water contact) and run the hot water. The steam will hopefully lift any lingering wrinkles in a few minutes.

5. Take Care

Proper care of linens is important not just for preventing wrinkles, but for ensuring your favorite linens last a long time. While some linen fabric can be washed at home, we don't recommend it. By its nature, linen is a more fragile fabric, and many home machines can stretch or tear it beyond repair. And, repeated washing and drying will thin the fabric making it even more delicate. Finally, removing wrinkles after washing requires precise, careful ironing that can take some time. At DELIA'S Cleaners, our professionals will care for your linens using advanced processes that help preserve them and maximize the time you can enjoy them. Most important, we'll clean and press them so that you will always look and feel fresh, crisp and stylish whenever you wear your favorite linen outfits.