Have you noticed that you now fold more of your clothes than hang them on hangers?

With the popularity of leggings and more casual dress, do your clothes fight for space in your drawers? We asked local organizers for some tips on storing clothes so they look as fresh when you go to wear then as they were when you picked them up from DELIA'S Cleaners.

Start with a few general rules. Always fold knits since hangers can cause them to lose their shape. Keep -�slippery-� clothing like leggings, sports bras, and lingerie in a dresser so they won't slide off hangers. Hang anything you know will wrinkle easily like dresses, skirts, jackets, and garments made from linen, for example.

Folding To Maximize Space

If the bulk of your wardrobe falls into the -�fold-� category, these tips will help you fit everything in.

  • Sweaters: Invest in a set of hanging shelves specifically for sweaters and knits. Giving the bulkiest items their own closet section saves drawer space.
  • Jeans: Fold jeans into thirds and stack them on top of each other until the drawer is full. Take the entire stack out to the specific pair you need rather than rummaging through the stack.
  • Workout Clothes: First, fold leggings in half and shirts in thirds. Then, assemble workout outfits and roll them up. Stack the rolls inside a drawer. When you need them, grab the entire ensemble all at once.
  • Tee Shirts: Fold each shirt around a piece of cardboard or a store bought form. Stand each shirt up like books on a shelf for added storage and a neater, easier to access Tees.
  • Socks: Avoid mismatched socks by purchasing only socks of a single color and style for dress and sport socks. Otherwise, tie socks together or place in a laundry bag to prevent loss and separation. Place socks in pairs, roll them up, and place in rows in a drawer.

At DELIA'S Cleaners, we'll care for your garments and, if your clothes do get wrinkled, our finishing services provide the perfect -�touch-up.-�