Summer is here and it is time for vacation! You picked the destination and made the reservations, and all that's left is deciding what to bring and how to pack. First, get your summer clothes out of storage and bring them to DELIA'S Cleaners for a quick cleaning.

Start your packing list with the necessities. If you are going to the beach, sun and swim essentials should be at the top of your list. If you are heading to the mountains bring lots of socks, comfortable shorts, shirts, and walking shoes. Don't forget a jacket for cooler altitudes. Once you have the necessities, the remaining wardrobe should be straight-forward and fun to pick out.

These simple packing steps will help make sure your clothes arrive ready-to-wear at your destination.
  1. Choose the right bag. Be sure that it is large enough to avoid scrunching and wrinkling. If you are flying, make sure you meet the size and weight restrictions set by the airlines.
  2. Check the weather at your destination. Be prepared for the long-term weather forecast and take the appropriate outer clothes.
    Research your destination and surrounding areas. It might be easier to buy certain items after you arrive. This may include extra sunscreen, beach towels, toys for the kids, snacks, and books.
  3. After you've picked your wardrobe and the essentials you need, lay everything out on your bed. It is best to bring items you can mix and match for several days of outfits. Packing fewer items is always a good idea! When you are ready to pack your clothes, roll them up instead of folding. As a result, your clothes won't crease or wrinkle as much. Rolling safely compresses the clothes so they take up less space. Put smaller rolled items into your shoes and smaller spaces in your suitcase.
  4. Use the bags provided for laundry in your hotel to store dirty clothes. You can even sort the washing from the dry cleaning so when you return, dropping off the cleaning at DELIA'S Cleaners is simple.
  5. When you return home, be sure to bring your clothes to your local DELIA's Cleaners where we will gladly clean them and return them fresh for your next adventure.

Enjoy your trip!