We all know that first impressions are important, especially in a job interview. How you are dressed speaks volumes about your personality and character to a potential employer. In the same way you tailor your resume to a specific job, you should wear clothing that's appropriate for the job and the company culture. However, regardless of the job, there are some basic rules that apply universally when dressing for a job interview. We put these tips from the experts together for your convenience.

Tips: Dressing for Success
  1. Be sure to dress -�up-� for the occasion.   Dress at least one level above the standard dress code for the position. This shows your potential employer that you are professional and serious about the job opportunity.
  2. Err on the conservative side when choosing your outfit. You don't have to look exactly like everyone else, but you do not want to distract an interviewer by being too fashion forward. Let your personality and style show in a subtle way.
  3. Be sure that the outfit you wear is freshly cleaned and pressed. Bring your interview clothes to any of DELIA'S Cleaners 20 locations and rest assured, you'll look your best and with clothes that help make you feel confident and professional.
  4. Personalize your outfit with a lapel pin or a piece of jewelry that has meaning for you. As long as it's not overly conspicuous, you might want to wear something that invites a question about your accomplishments such as a pin from a professional organization or given as an award.
  5. Be comfortable in your clothes. When you are comfortable, you exude confidence. Clothes that are too tight or stiff will make you fidget, which can be interpreted as nerves.

Choosing the right outfit and ensuring it looks its best will make a huge difference in how you feel and how prospective employers see you.