Memorial Day unofficially kicks off the summer, picnic and barbecue seasons. Often, though meals are  served on flimsy paper plates that you balance on your lap as you eat food slathered in tasty sauces, condiments and juices, all just waiting to drip onto your clothes.

These delicious foods and condiments can cause tasteless stains that can be difficult to treat, unless you know and practice stain first aid.

  1. Act quickly! If the stain is on a garment where dry cleaning is recommended, take it to your closest DELIA'S Cleaners ASAP. Point out the stain and describe its origin, if possible.
  1. Don't assume water is a best first step! Water can set stains, especially those from any kind of oil (even cooking oil) or grease or any food containing an oil-based ingredient.
  1. Treat once! Once a treatment is applied, drying the fabric may cause the stain to set, so be sure you use the right stain removal treatment for the fabric and type of stain. If you aren't sure, consult with DELIA'S Cleaners before trying a home-based remedy.
  1. Test it out! Before applying a home remedy, test it on a hidden spot on the garment to ensure the treatment will not damage the fabric or cause the color to bleed.

When in doubt, let DELIA'S Cleaners check it out.  While DELIA'S Cleaners can't promise to remove all traces of every stain, we always do our best. Remember that the sooner you bring us the stained garment the greater chance  we have to return your clothes to you stain-free.