Our Dads influence us throughout our lives. Even so, we aren't always aware of how much they impact even our day-to-day routines, from how we behave to how we dress. We searched for some of the best fatherly style advice from Dads around the state. Here are a few gems we discovered. Do any sound familiar?

  • First impressions matter - the way you look tells a story about who you are.
  • The most important thing about style is confidence. Find your unique style and wear it proudly. Then pay attention to how you feel in it. If you're uncomfortable, keep looking.
  • If your shoes look good, you look good. People notice and remember well-kept shoes more than your outfit. Well-polished shoes let people know you are disciplined, detail-oriented and financially responsible.
  • A suit is the basic element of style. Owning a high-quality suit allows you to build a wardrobe around it.
  • Always wear a belt.
  • Respect others' expertise - My dad always told me, "Just send it to the dry cleaner."
  • This year, think about how your Dad continues to influence your life every day, then, let him know. Write a note with some of your favorite memories, from childhood to the present day. Tell him how much you love and respect him. Trust us, this will be the gift he remembers and enjoys for the rest of his life.

From all of us at Tide Cleaners, Happy Father's Day!