Blogs to follow

Over the past decade personal style fashion bloggers have become a driving force in the fashion industry. As a result, they are regular guests on television talk shows. In addition, many have front row seats at fashion shows and some have become household names. Today  there are  hundreds of  fashion bloggers, therefore,  it's hard to know which blogs to follow. Much of that depends on your taste; however there are some that are recognized as having their fingers on the pulse of fashion. Here are a few we find especially relevant today.

Fashion Blogs
  • Aleali May -" Aleali May, model, stylist and blogger, has cool, down-to-earth aesthetics. She relies on high fashion pieces mixed with avant-garde street wear.
  • Double 3xposure -" Based in Atlanta, Reese Blutstein is all about styling minimalist vintage-inspired pieces. She says, -�I believe style has to do with the creativity you put into the outfits you wear with the things you already have.-�
  • Fire on the Head -" Los Angeles-based Rima Vaidila is a freelance creative director, stylist, blogger and digital consultant. Rima has a network of brands, showrooms, and agencies with whom she works. She promotes a -�Less is more-� mentality in her blog.
  • Girl With Curves -" Tanesha Awasthi is one of the most popular plus-size fashion bloggers online. She covers everything from style advice to make-up tips.
  • The Atlantic Pacific -" Blair Eadie, who writes this blog, is the director of accessories at Tory Burch. She is known for her endless wardrobe of full skirts and sheik stilettos.
  • One Dapper Street -" Marcel Floruss describes himself as -�a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it.-�
  • What My Boyfriend Wore -" Sergio Ines' blog was the idea of his former girlfriend who used to post pictures of his outfits on Instagram. From there, his blog took off and since has become a -�go to-� for men everywhere.
  • Wide Eyed Legless -" Madelynn Hackwith Furlong promotes a minimalist style for the modern woman. A designer and stylist, she has worked with J. Crew and Rachel Comey.

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