At DELIA'S Cleaners, we know that every minute of your day is precious. So, we do everything we can to make your visit to any of our locations fast, convenient, and enjoyable.   For example, did you know you have a choice of three ways to drop-off your items? Depending on the location, we offer Walk-in, Drive Thru, and Carhop service.

Drive Thru, Carhop, and Walk-in

When you visit one of our six Drive Thru locations you are literally in and out in a flash. Our system notifies an associate when you arrive. They greet you and pick up your order quickly and efficiently. Because they care, most associates recognize customers by the kind of car they drive so your order is at the door and ready to go when you arrive. Add a credit card to your account for the ultimate in convenience. We automatically charge your order to your DELIA'S Cleaners account.

Our 10 Carhop locations offer a similar service. Our associates are alerted every time a customer pulls in to the designated parking spot and immediately comes to your car to pick-up your order. When you return, your order is delivered to your car and placed inside on the clothing hook or wherever you prefer. Like our Drive Thru service, your order can, with a card on file, be billed to your DELIA'S Cleaners account.

Of course, every DELIA'S Cleaners location welcomes customers at our Walk-in counters! We love seeing you and spending a few minutes getting to know you and your clothes -" if you have the time.

Dry Cleaning has never been easier or more convenient. Customers choose the location and option they prefer since all of our locations are networked. To find the Drive Thru, Carhop, or Walk-in location nearest you, check the location page on our website.