denimWe've all had at least one favorite denim jacket. And, if we could, we'd wear it every day and everywhere. But, does it work for every occasion?

The short answer is yes. If paired and styled correctly, denim jackets can fit into any social setting. And, denim can keep you warm on chilly nights! We asked our favorite stylists to share their secrets on accessorizing and creating new looks for denim jackets. Ready?

Making Your Denim Jacket Work
  • For both men and women, scrunch up the jacket sleeves and turn up the collar. Ladies, accessorize with arms full of bangles, cuffs, and bracelets, and add layered necklaces and chains to perfect the look. This looks especially classy with a crisp, clean white cotton blouse.
  • Don't forget layering. Ladies, pair a bright, printed skirt and low-key top with a denim jacket. For cold evenings, you can add leggings and even a lightweight sweater under the jacket. Men, layer a T-shirt and sweater, then add a men's scarf around the neck. Don't forget an intriguing hat to complete the look.
  • Nothing beats jeans, a screen-printed tee, and a jeans jacket for hanging out at the local cafe or downtown with friends. This look is perfect for both men and women.
  • Of course, nothing says -�country-� like a denim jacket and cowboy boots! Ladies complete the look with a white lace dress or skirt, and guys, add a plain T-shirt or traditional western print.
  • Go from day to night. Give your little black dress a casual chic look by wearing a distressed denim jacket and some statement sneakers. Then, swap the shoes and park the jacket for an evening look.
  • For a classic, casual summer look wear an oversized denim jacket with a light colored sweater and a pair of shorts.

Now that you'll be wearing your denim jacket in new and exciting ways, don't forget to take care of it. Bring it to any DELIA'S Cleaners. We'll be sure to treat it with the TLC it deserves.