Let’s get real. Everyone who has lived in the Phoenix area for any amount of time knows to be prepared for temperature swings that can go from over 100 degrees to below 50 degrees in a 24-hour period. And, that’s just summer. So, when winter comes, how do you dress?

First, skip the fur jackets and boots that are designed for deep cold. You’ll never really need them in Phoenix. But, bring them to Tide Cleaners and DELIA’S Cleaners before you head out to Sedona or Flagstaff!

Second, learn to layer! This is the key to success for chilly desert days and freezing desert nights. Our  mornings are usually cold, cool at best. But as the day goes on, the temps go up, so you will want to peel off some of those layers to stay comfortable. Even knowing this, we all make the same mistake at least once a season and wear the latest, snuggly, warm, outfit. After all, who doesn’t want to wear the trendiest winter styles?

Your best bet is to wear desert chic all winter long. Layer long-sleeved shirts and blouses under light, cashmere sweaters. Add a light outer coat to get you through the chilled morning air. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, add leggings. These can be removed easily when it warms up, and put back on before heading home. Think of them like gloves for your legs! And, speaking of gloves, add a pair of light but warm gloves, a thin scarf, and if you have easy-to-style hair, a hat, depending on the weather on any given day. Gentlemen, a stylish sweater layered over a long-sleeved shirt with a light jacket will do. Add a little color to the mix and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

When it comes to your feet, wear a pair of loafers, slip-on flats, or tennis shoes that won’t slip on wet surfaces. Ladies, for a dressier look, wear enclosed heels or any one of a variety of boots (ankle, pant, knee, etc.). For evening, furled or covered moccasins can make a fashion statement.

Most important, have fun trying new combinations and, be flexible - just like our weather.