At DELIA'S Cleaners, every visit is a sweet experience, from being greeted by name to picking up beautifully cleaned clothing and finding your favorite flavor or candy waiting on the counter. When started offering our customers hard candies, we had no idea how popular they'd become, and how much you would look forward to each little sweet treat.

Sweet treats from DELIA'S CleanersIt's been interesting to see what some of your favorites are and how they compare to recent surveys ranking the top 10 favorite hard candy flavors.

DELIA'S Cleaners Customers' Top Five


National Poll Top Five


As we get to know your preferences, we will do everything we can to have your favorites on hand. If we're temporarily out be sure to let us know. We buy bulk, mixed flavor bags, because we also know that some customers like to experiment and try new flavors.

We don't provide treats only for our human customers. At one some of our locations, our associates provide pet treats. We know, for example, that one customers always has his dogs with him. His two ridgebacks and his sheep herder all come in and sit patiently at the counter waiting for their treats. Another customer brings his dog to the drive-thru. He puts his head out the window as the car drives up and excitedly waits until we give him his treat.

At DELIA'S Cleaners our focus is on you, our valued customers, from getting your cleaning done right the first time and every time to providing your favorite candies. At DELIA'S Cleaners, we do all we can to make sure every visit is a sweet as the last one.