Everyone, at some point, gets bored with their closet and desperately want a new look or an entire new wardrobe! Unfortunately, most of us can't afford such a big splurge. The next time the mood strikes you, change the way you accessorize.

Stylist Marissa Webb said, -�I consider accessories the icing on  the cake.  Even if you consider yourself a more conservative or classic dresser, accessories are where many women are willing to be a little more daring. It's about taking accessories, thinking about them differently, and incorporating them into your wardrobe and personal style, but not taking them so literally.-�

Here are a few ideas to help you accessorize.

Look down! Shoes can easily take your look from work to play or from casual to dressy, especially if you invest in color and pattern.

Scarves are not just for winter! You can wear scarves all year round as there are many ways to use a scarf. And, scarves are a good way to incorporate  color and print into your look. First, look for scarves in the men's department; you'll be surprised what you find. Then, think of ways you can tie them that go beyond the traditional -�wrap around the neck.-�   Add movement to your outfit by draping a scarf around your neck and letting the sides hang loosely down the front. Try layering scarves under blazers for an added touch of texture and  dimension.  Try wearing them as a head piece or belt. Tie two complementary scarves together for an interesting layered look or to add length or use a longer scarf as a wrap.

Sparkle and shine -" never leave home without jewelry. Besides having sentimental value, jewelry is a one of the most basic ways to express your unique style. Think of jewelry like art. What draws your attention in a museum -" contemporary, abstract, realism, romance? Now, go find jewelry that projects this style. Keep in mind that jewelry has no season, but it can be updated affordably every season. Summer may lend itself to bold colors while winter calls for polished metals.

Get belted. But, remember, belts can be your biggest ally or fiercest enemy. Be cautious when selecting belts. Find a style that fits your body type and style. Do you prefer wider styles worn at your waist or narrower belts that balance on your hips? Avoid wearing classic black all the time as belts are an accessory that can add texture and color if chosen wisely.

Whatever your look, accessories can only enhance clothes that are clean, wrinkle-free and fresh smelling. Be sure to bring all your outfits to DELIA'S Cleaners so when you add the extra touches, they create a stunning impression.