Thanksgiving signals the start of the fall and winter holidays. And, usually this means fabulous feasts with friends and families. Unfortunately, it can also mean unsightly stains on linens, tablecloths, and also clothing. Even though your holidays may be filled with parties, shopping, and outings, it’s important to remember that when it comes to stains, time is of the essence.

Some stains show up as regularly as our holidays, for example, candle wax, especially colored wax. The best approach is prevention - use a plate or mat under your candles to catch drips and keep them off your tablecloths. When wax does drip, let it cool completely. Gently lift large pieces off the table cloth. Then take it to your favorite Phoenix area cleaners (DELIA’S Cleaners or Tide Cleaners) where our professionals will properly remove the residue and stain.

Coffee and wine stains happen at almost every large dinner party. Do not rub the affected area when a spills occurs. Put paper towels under the linen to absorb the excess liquid. If you rub the area it will drive the stain deeper into the fibers making it more difficult to remove. Once the party is over, bring your table cloth in for cleaning. If you drop it off before 9:00 a.m., it will be clean and ready for your next party that night.

One of the worst holiday stains is salad oil. If not properly treated, it can cause yellow spots on your favorite linens. While some spot removers claim to work well on oils, it is always best to take your fine linens to one of our locations. Our professionals are trained to match the proper treatment to the specific type of oils causing the stain. Be sure to let our team members know about the stain and what caused it.

Taking care of stains as soon as possible is essential. Stains become more difficult to remove completely the longer they are left untreated. Our professionals hope your holidays are festive and stain free, but if you need us, we are here to help.