independenceEvery July 4th we come together to celebrate our nation's independence with picnics, parades, sports, and fireworks. There are few virtues more important than independence as we all strive to lead our own lives. Achieving personal independence is a unique process for every individual. It may be expressed by our lifestyles, our professions, and how we look. From choosing a personal style or career to deciding where to live or your next adventure, these tips will help move you closer to achieving your personal independence.

The Path to Personal Independence
  • Define your destination. Determine what you wish to achieve. It could be as simple as taking a dream vacation now instead of later, starting your own business, or learning new skills that move you forward in your career.
  • Determine the path you will take towards achieving your goal.   Let's say you wish to accomplish something in the next 12 months. Set incremental milestones and break them down so you know what must be accomplished each day, week, month, or quarter to stay on track.
  • Act as if you have already achieved your goal.   A noted businessman once said that before he was successful, he acted as though he was. What is your goal?   Embrace what you want to be completely and behave as if you were already there. Spend time with like-minded people. Dress the part. Use the skills that will help you succeed.
  • Believe that you deserve success. Read or listen to material that keeps your mind positive. Visualize the best-case scenarios and train yourself to turn off -�worst case-� thoughts.
  • Take the risk. If you never start down the path, you will never get to the end.   Once you identify the destination and determine the path, it is time to get going.

Regardless of your definition of personal independence, the goals you set or the path you take, DELIA'S Cleaners is here to help you look your best on every step of your journey. Our dry cleaning professionals will take the concern about your clothes out of the equation.

And, from all of us at DELIA'S Cleaners, Happy Independence Day!