ties careThe right tie can add the final touch that truly brings an outfit together. And, when mixed with different shirts and suits, ties can add new life to an old look. As powerful as ties are when it comes to style, they are actually quite delicate when it comes to wear and tear, and even cleaning. We talked to men's fashion experts to get their tips on caring for your ties.

Caring for Ties
  • Untying. Take care when removing your tie. No matter how long or stressful your day has been, fight the temptation to pull the thin end of the tie through the knot. While this might be the easiest way to take off your tie, you may ruin the tie's shape the process. Always   remove them by reversing the tying process you used to put them on when you dressed.
  • Storing. Many ties use delicate fabrics, like silk, which are very impressionable. As soon you remove your tie, drape it over a coat hanger or tie rack. Hanging your ties properly makes it easier for the creases and folds from a knot to fall out. When traveling, fold your ties into fourths and place them in your coat pocket. This helps maintain their shape while traveling.
  • Cleaning. A small stain can ruin any tie. Use care while eating to avoid spills. If you do spill, don't rub the spot with water. This can set the stain and force it deeper into the fabric. Bring it to DELIA'S Cleaners as soon as possible and let us know what caused the stain.

The cleaning professionals at DELIA'S Cleaners have been trained in the latest stain removal procedures. They'll select the best approach for any stain you bring in to ensure the best results.