First impressions can be lasting, so why not make them impressive?

What Suits You?

Every professional needs at least one suit that fits properly and looks good every time it’s worn. Most style experts agree that men and women should have at least one black suit and several suits in neutral colors like grey, tan or navy. Suits made with worsted wool are best as they wear and look better than those made with less expensive fabrics. Always buy the separate pieces – jackets, pants and skirts – together, and if the suit is not lined, leave it in the store. A lined suit holds up longer, fits and looks better.

Suit Care

  • Look confident - always unbutton a suit coat when sitting for comfort and looks. Pull your pants up slightly at the thigh as you sit to reduce stress on the seams.
  • Change out of your professional attire as soon as you arrive home.
  • Hang suit coats on a curved wooden hanger, with the curve going forward to preserve the shape of the jacket. Leave space between your suit and other garments in your closet so they can breathe.
  • Dry clean suits after wearing one or two times. Dry clean a suit if it is dirty, regardless of how often it’s been worn.
  • Always dry clean every piece of a suit together to avoid color inconsistencies.
  • When your suit gets wrinkled have it professionally pressed.
  • Make minor repairs and alterations as soon as they are needed so they don’t get worse.

Dress Shirt and Blouse Care

  • Dry clean a new dress shirt or blouse before you wear it to soften the material and remove any chemicals from the fabric.
  • Hang your dress shirts and blouses on wooden or plastic hangers.
  • Professionally clean dress shirts and blouses after every use.
  • Sew on loose buttons immediately to prevent loss. Point out small snags or tears so our professionals can repair them.
  • Remove cufflinks, collar stays and jewelry, and unbutton every button before dropping shirts and blouses off at Tide Cleaners.