2018 is all about -�bling.-� Fashion trends forecast glitter and sequins for even everyday clothing, from glitter-covered shoes to sequin bedecked sweaters, shirts, and dresses. These items require special care to ensure they sparkle for years to come. DELIA'S Cleaners professionals assembled these guidelines to help you care for these special garments.

Glitter and Sequins on Garments:
  • Glitter is especially fragile since it is glued to the surface of a fabric. Without the proper treatment, the glue may dissolve and glitter may flake off. For best results, bring glittered items to DELIA'S Cleaners.
  • If your glittery items only need a light cleaning you may choose to clean them at home. If so, use hairspray to protect the glitter before washing. Lay your clothing on top of a towel and hold the hairspray 10 inches above the surface. Carefully mist the surface. Repeat after the first coat dries.
  • Wash your glittery clothing in cold water on delicate and lay flat or hang to dry. Dryer heat may melt the glitter.
Glittery Footwear:
  • Gently wipe shoes with a clean, soft cloth to dislodge any dried dirt. Prepare a mixture of soap and cold water and gently scrub the glitter with the toothbrush.
  • Store glittery clothes and shoes in garment bags to prevent the glitter from transferring to other items.
Sequined Clothing:
  • Like glitter, sequins are often applied with glue and/or sewn on top of fabric. This makes them delicate and requires expert care. At DELIA'S Cleaners, we clean hundreds of sequined items successfully every year. And, we've seen what happens with improper home care. Your best bet is to bring your sequins to us.
  • For a light cleaning at home, fill a tub full of cold water and add mild laundry soap. Place your sequined item in the tub and swirl it gently. Let it soak for about five minutes. Remove it and rinse in cold water to remove all soap.
  • Never wring the items out to remove water. Hold them above the tub and let the excess water drip out. When the dripping stops, lay it flat on a towel to dry.

If wearing your shiny garments makes you feel good, then take the time to treat them properly. Bring them to DELIA'S Cleaners where our fluff-drying method for gowns ensures that your special clothing will be treated with TLC.