Candles lend a romantic and festive flare to any occasion.   But when wax spills onto beautiful tablecloths, you're left with a colorful mess. There are a host of at-home remedies for removing candle wax, but none of these address the colored dyes used by the manufacturers, and they can often cause deeper damage due to scraping and scrubbing. In addition, home remedies rarely remove all the wax that seeps deep into the fibers. At best, you may be left with colored stains, stiff spots or chemicals that discolor over time.

Most candles contain wax additives and chemicals designed to help improve the quality, burn time and appearance of candles, including acids and synthetic oils. Knowing what these chemicals are and how to treat them is essential to proper stain removal.

So, while seemingly a simple stain to remove, candle wax actually can be quite challenging.

The best thing to do is to bring your linens to your local DELIA'S Cleaners. Our stain removal experts will know exactly which treatment will be most effective and exactly what to do to restore your linens as completely as possible. As with clothing, never treat the stain at home before you bring it in or it may set permanently. And remember, the longer a stain remains untreated the harder it is to remove.