We at Tide Cleaners love a win-win deal, complete with savings, convenience and perks. And that's exactly why we have developed a program for our loyal members!

With plenty of discounts and rewards throughout the year, and specials that are exclusively available to Inner Circle Rewards members, there's no reason to wait-�sign up today at a Tide Cleaners location near you! To get started, we'll ask you for your name, email, zip code, phone number and birthday. You will leave with a convenient garment bag and you'll start receiving email updates from us with the latest news and special Inner Circle Rewards offers.

Sign-Up Is FREE

Did we mention it's free to sign up for Inner Circle Rewards? That's right, unlike other programs that entice you to save money by spending money (wait, WHAT?!), our Inner Circle Rewards program is free to our members, and rewards start immediately.

For your loyalty to our stores, we want to give back to you in the form of both time and money. And who couldn't use a little more of both?

Don't listen to us, listen to some of our satisfied Inner Circle Rewards members!

Susan in Gilbert, AZ says, "No hangers, no lines, no fuss!"

Whether I have my husband's business shirts and suits, my delicates, or even my one-offs (most recently, drapes!), my Tide Cleaners on Val Vista makes life easier. They have a locker system that is easy and quick. I just drop off my personalized express drop bag in an open locker, lock it, and notify the team it's there through the app. I receive texts when everything is ready. No more rushing to the cleaners before they close-the lockers are available to me 24/7. No hangers, no lines, no fuss!

Trent in Phoenix, AZ is a "heavy starch guy" and appreciates the app's time-saving "easy billing" feature

Long days at the office make it tough to get across town in time to deal with dry cleaning. I like that Tide is open all hours, particularly on the weekends, when I have the time to pick up and drop off my clothes. Downloading the app makes all the difference, because it's easy billing and saves me time. It also gives me the opportunity to select my cleaning and starch preferences, which are important to me: I'm a heavy starch guy.

The Benefits of Membership

Only Tide Cleaners' members reap these benefits which will ultimately save you both time and money:

  • Free personalized express drop bag (never share your laundry bag with strangers again!)
  • Tide Cleaners' mobile app alerts you when items are ready for pick-up
  • 24/7 secure drop-off and pick-up
  • Express checkout with easy billing on the app
  • Discounts with earned rewards that can add up to $100 a year!