sleepingMemorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer and for many in out communities, that means it is time to break out the camping gear. Aside from safety equipment, one of the most important things to pack is your sleeping bag. But, before you pack it up, head out and go to snuggle up under the stars, have it professionally dry cleaned.

When you get back, be sure you store it so it is ready for your next trip. There are three schools of thought on long-term sleeping bag storage. The answer depends on the amount of space you have, but the choice is yours.

  • First, make sure the bag is dry before storing. Never store a wet sleeping bag.
  • Option 1 -" hang it up. If you have the space, hanging your sleeping bag over a pants hanger is an ideal way to ensure that the feathers or fill are not being crushed at all.
  • Option 2 -" keep it flat. Store it under a bed. Be sure it is spread out so it can loft and breathe, without being exposed to weather or dirt.
  • Option 3 -" put it on a shelf. In this case, pack the bag in a larger bag, not the stuff sack used on camping. A larger bag allows air to circulate and prevents feathers or fill from weakening.

Keeping your sleeping bag clean while in the outdoors or in between trips will help with the overall long term care as well.  

While camping, keep your bag dry. Store it in a waterproof outer bag. Air the sleeping bag for at least 10 minutes each morning to dry out any perspiration, condensation or dew that may be on the bag. Line your sleeping bag with a bed sheet prior to sleeping in it. This will absorb perspiration and prevent body oils from soiling it. After camping the sheet can be pulled out and washed.

After camping, be sure to clean the sleeping bag before stuffing it and putting it away for the next trip. A clean, dry sleeping bag lessens the chance of bacteria or mold. Dry cleaning the bag is the easiest option, and with DELIA'S Cleaners GreenEarth eco-friendly dry-cleaning process, there is no need to air it out after cleaning. Or, wash and dry the bag at home using special soaps designed just for this purpose. Be sure to follow the care label on your sleeping bag if you plan to wash it at home, and use a washer big enough to allow full circulation.

If you have questions, just give us a call or stop in. We'd be happy to provide suggestions and help. Wherever your adventures take you, at DELIA'S Cleaners, we want to be sure they are enjoyable!