You’ve trusted Tide in your homes for laundry for more than 65 years. Today, our innovative cleaning processes do the same for your dry cleaning. Shirts look newer longer and colors stay vibrant. While tough on dirt and stains, our process is gentle on your favorite clothes. In fact, our Tide Back-To-Black™ and Tide Restore™ For Whites will leave you thinking your clothes are brand new.

Tide Back-To-Black

For some all-black cotton garments, an infusion of color locks onto the fibers with dramatic results. When you choose our Back-To-Black process, your tired, dingy looking black garments look like new, saving you the hassle and cost of shopping. You’ll get more wear and life out of all your favorite black styles, from that little black dress to your cotton pants and sweaters. Back-to-Black works best on cottons and cotton blends.

Tide Restore for Whites

There is nothing more refreshing than a newly cleaned, beautiful white cotton dress or shirt. That’s why we developed the Tide Restore For Whites. This unique process works wonders on many white cotton garments that have grown dingy with use and over time. Our process employs a hue-shifting technique that makes your white cottons look even whiter and brighter.

When combined with the natural GreenEarth Cleaning process, your clothes will always make you look and feel confident and full of life. GreenEarth Cleaning is an environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based chemicals with liquid silicone solvents. GreenEarth Cleaning is gentle on fabrics and garments embellishments, yet cleans thoroughly without any chemical odor. You’ll feel good knowing your choices are good for the earth.