Why is it that we often neglect to clean our bedding when we use it 365 days a year? Bedding absorbs as many body oils and dead skin as sheets, and we all love the enchanting feeling of clean sheets. So why not be as thorough in cleaning our bedding as well?

The Experts Weigh in

There are subject matter experts on just about everything nowadays, and true to form, sleep experts recommend washing your sheets once a week to keep dust mites, allergens, contagions, bodily oils, sweat, and pet dander at bay. That means the bedding underneath your sheets (think: mattress protector) need to be routinely cleaned, and likely more often than you're currently doing it.

Sure, it is possible to clean bedding yourself. But, do you know how? Websites and blogs recommend all sorts of options from vacuuming, using dish soap, mixing baking soda, applying harsh chemicals, and even using your washer and dryer for bedding. Your bedding is probably expensive, why trust an online blogger's advice that may not work - or, worse - end up doing more damage than good?

To help you out, Tide Cleaners is offering a 40% discount to Inner Circle Rewards members on bedding throughout the month of October 2019. Whether you're looking to clean your comforters, blankets, afghans, pillow shams, duvet covers or even dust ruffles, we will be your bedding specialists so you don't have to!

Pro Tip: Swap out bedding seasonally. Use a lighter, summertime quilt in the warmer months, and a thicker duvet cover in the winter. The less your bedding is used throughout the year, the less dirty they become. Think of shoes: You wear more than one pair of shoes to reduce the amount of wear-and-tear on a single pair, greatly increasing the lifespan of shoes. Regardless of your seasonal sleep-time rituals, just remember to clean your bedding before storing it.

Overcome Bedding Size

If you have a queen, king or California king bed, the size and bulk of both comforters and mattress protectors can be overwhelming, especially if you wash them yourself. Some smaller washers and dryers barely accommodate a set of sheets, let alone a tall order of bedding. It's no wonder we don't clean the bedding as often as our sheets - it's a hassle that takes the know-how to be thorough.

At Tide Cleaners, we overcome the bedding size challenge with drop-off and pick-up service that can't be beat.