June has become one of the biggest months to celebrate summer each year. From weddings and graduations to business events to nights on the town, formal dresses and gowns are in high demand.

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Care and cleaning are keys to preparing your gown for short or long-term storage. The type of material and the condition of the gown dictates how it should be cleaned. It is always best to have your gown professionally cleaned. However, stains don't always play by the rules. They tend to happen at the unluckiest of times, like while you're getting ready or during the actual event. In a pinch, remember these DIY stain tips:

  1. Treat stains ASAP
  2. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions for the garment
  3. Test the treatment method on a hidden area of the garment first
  4. Never dry or iron a stained garment until the stain is removed
  5. Don't rub the stain; blot or scrape the stain to prevent further penetration
  6. Use a clean white towel for blotting stains
  7. Always follow instructions on stain removal products

Again, remember that if time allows, or if the DIY attempt fails, it's best to bring your gown to the professionals at Tide Cleaners.