We all have those pieces in our closet that we absolutely love but avoid wearing due to some flaw: a flannel missing a button, a suit jacket with sleeves just a bit too long, or a skirt that just doesn't quite lay right. Lucky for you and your clothes, your neighborhood Arizona Tide Cleaners offers an array of clothing alterations, repairs, and cleaning services. Better yet, Arizona Tide Cleaners is offering 25% off alteration services during the month of February!

We all have clothing items we just can't live without, but the fit seems to be just barely off. Or, maybe you've hit the ground running with your New Year's resolution and your new physique isn't quite fitting your clothes. Whatever the case may be, Arizona Tide Cleaners alternations can hem, trim, and repair any garment to tip-top shape.

Of all the alteration services offered at Arizona Tide Cleaners, these are the most common:

1. Tailoring Jacket Sleeves

First impressions are everything, and in order to put your best foot (or hand) forward, ensure that your suit jacket or blazer sleeves is the proper length. To test this, use the half-inch rule: allow half an inch of your shirt cuff to be visible from beneath your jacket sleeve. If there is more than half an inch showing, the jacket is too small. If there is no cuff visible, the jacket is too big.

2. Hemming Garments

The length in which a garment falls to can influence the entire appearance of both the garment and you. Jeans that are too long are and drag across the floor is a big no-no (and damages your jeans!). Skirts and dresses that are too long just don't seem to lie as intended against the body. Avoid ruining your over-sized clothes by hemming each piece to your own custom length!

3. Replacing Buttons

Buttons are a tiny but essential piece of many garments. From button-down shirts to flannels to pants, a missing button can leave a garment completely unwearable. Sewing buttons involves searching for the right color of thread, locating a matching button, and risking the tips of your fingers to needle and thread. Are you sure you're even using the correct knot? Leave the tedious button sewing to the pros in clothing alterations, repairs, and cleaning services at Arizona Tide Cleaners.

Alterations can be complicated. Arizona Tide Cleaners' alteration services are not and guarantees to meet your alteration needs to ensure you and your garments are looking as sharp as possible.

All clothing alterations, repairs, and cleaning services take two business days to complete. Why stop there? Professional cleaning and finishing of all garments are also included at no extra charge.

With Arizona Tide Cleaners offering 25% off of alteration services exclusively for Inner Circle Rewards members during the month of February, now is the perfect time to take care of your alterations!