Laundry can be one of the most daunting and time-consuming household tasks, especially with well-used items like socks, sheets, towels… and the matching of all those socks. Perhaps even more irritating than doing the laundry itself is attempting to divide the work with your significant other. In fact, deciding how to divide the household chore load is one of the most common causes of conflict among couples!

Imagine all the arguments that could be avoided if the laundry would just fold itself… Take the conflict out of your life and out of this chore with Arizona Tide Cleaner's New Wash & Fold Service!

With Arizona Tide Cleaners New Wash & Fold Service, you can gift the guarantee of clean household items such as t-shirts, socks, undergarments, sheets, and towels, without the painstaking labor involved. Instead of spending hours upon hours sorting, washing, drying, and folding laundry, leave the responsibilities to the experts at Arizona Tide Cleaners.

If you have kids, you know the dreaded feeling of having to sort through dirty, smelly clothes into multiple loads which must all be folded and organized. If you haven't taught your kids how to do their own laundry, the task is now the parents to bear… but it doesn't have to be.

If you're a working professional and live in a unit without a washer and dryer, and have to rely on the few in your building's basement, you know the struggle of doing laundry. From finding enough quarters to feed the machines, waiting for your neighbor to finish their laundry, or having to lug the clothes basket up and down the stairs… Arizona Tide Cleaners New Wash & Fold Service is here to help you.

The Wash & Fold service covers the entire process from sorting to cleaning to tumble drying and folding, complete with your preferred Tide detergent. Simply drop off your dirty, bagged garments at a supporting Arizona Tide Cleaners and pick up the clean, folded garments at your earliest convenience! We even have same-day service where you can drop off your laundry at 9:00 AM and pick it up at 5:00 PM.

Eliminating laundry arguments is just half of the gift with Arizona Tide Cleaners New Wash & Fold Service. With all the time saved by leaving the laundry to the professionals at Arizona Tide Cleaners, you will have even more opportunities to spend quality time with your significant other, away from the washing machine. Giving the gift of laundry service is a gift for yourself as much as it is your significant other. Fewer conflicts and more quality time; a win-win situation for everyone.

Whether it's you who normally tackles the household laundry or your significant other, the Wash & Fold service at Arizona Tide Cleaners returns this precious time to its rightful owners.